Q&A on Laser Levels

Q. How do laser levels work?

Laser levels operate by emitting one or multiple focused, precise, and straight light beams from a diode, creating a leveled line for measurements. The LasGoo cross-line laser projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines for various basic leveling and layout applications. For tile layout and for laying out 90-degree corners for decks or sheds, a LasGoo cross-line laser square is handy. It will project a pair of perpendicular lines. You can pick one up for less than $40, and buy it on LASGOO TikTok Shop.

lasgoo lg-cross projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines for basic leveling and layout applications.

Meanwhile, the LasGoo LG-3Ds laser level produces three laser beam lines in 360° laser planes – one horizontal and two vertical. This 360° connected three-plane leveling and alignment-line laser offers a comprehensive solution for setting up jobs by a single person.

green beam laser level is 360° connected three-plane leveling and alignment-line laser

Q. What are laser levels good for?

When you're building something or measuring in a small or large space, a laser level must be a very helpful tool. It creates straight lines that are really accurate, making sure your measurements are even and level. Some of the most ideal situations for a laser level are aligning cabinets and plumbing fixtures, picture hanging, achieving level floors, fitting doors and windows, and measuring for drop ceilings.

picture hanging with lasgoo laser level mode lg-coross, coryright © 2023, LasGoo Tools

Q. Is it worth getting a laser level?

Absolutely, getting a laser level can be a great decision whether you're using it for DIY(do-it-yourself) projects or in a professional capacity. Laser levels provide incredibly accurate measurements and level lines, which makes tasks like hanging pictures, installing shelves, and setting up construction projects much easier and more accurate. This precision ensures that your work looks and functions as intended. Laser levels allow you to work on projects alone, as you don't need someone to hold a measuring tape or a level.

Laying tiles for the house with lasgoo green laser level, coryright © 2023, LasGoo Tools

This independence can be a big advantage, especially for DIY enthusiasts tackling projects on their own. Whether you're working on your home or for clients, using a laser level demonstrates a commitment to quality and professionalism. While there's an initial cost, a good-quality laser level can last a long time, making it a worthwhile investment over the years. Click here to get your good partner - laser level.

Q. Do laser levels work outside?

Many laser levels available in the market are suitable for outdoor use; however, their visibility and operational range may differ. Red lasers might struggle to remain visible in bright outdoor conditions, especially over longer distances. This can limit their use for outdoor projects.

The LasGoo LG-3Ds is a green laser level that provides comprehensive 3x360° coverage, and its visibility is four times more vibrant than the red beam. When utilizing the pulse mode along with the laser receiver, its range can extend up to 328 feet in diameter.

When LasGoo LG-3Ds is utilizing the pulse mode along with the laser receiver, its range can extend up to 328 feet in diameter. Coryright © 2023, LasGoo Tools

If you have any questions or concerns about our laser levels or need further assistance, our customer support team is available to help you. Feel free to reach out to LasGoo's customer support at support@lasgootools.com