About LasGoo™

From 2022, LasGoo™ is committed to innovation in researching, developing, and producing home improvement tools, particularly measuring and layout Tools, Laser Levels, and Line Lasers. Currently, LasGoo™ tools are available in more than 10 countries, including the U.S., Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan. 

LasGoo™ is a brand established by Guangzhou Baqianli Technology Co., Ltd. When our founders worked on their home improvement projects in 2020, they noticed that some well-established brands offered laser levels with impressive features but at significantly high price points, and another cheap brand offered laser levels with low quality. This realization sparked their determination to bridge the gap in the market. They envisioned a laser level that would new mid-ranged, high-quality products but also maintain exceptional quality and meet professional standards. 

Every LasGoo™ product has been designed with an eye on solving problems cost-effectively, so LasGoo customers can enjoy the home improvement project and live better lives.

We exercise strict and meticulous control over every aspect of our products, from their visual design (color schemes, material selection, and accessory choices) to liaising with factories for customized mold and ensuring the quality of shipped products. All products provided by LasGoo come with a 3-year warranty and offer lifelong professional technical support services, providing the best user experience for customers using LasGoo™ tools, without any worries.

When compared to other lasers in the market, LasGoo tools stand out with affordable price, superior functionality, user-friendly design, and enduring structures, making them the best choice for entry-level to professional use.

Whether you're a newcomer to measuring tools or a seasoned building professional, once you experience the time-saving convenience, remarkable precision, and heightened workplace productivity brought about by LasGoo laser levels, you'll be enjoyable on your home improvement journey!

Our mission is clear: to deliver the most quality-assured and cost-effective products into our customers' hands, enabling every user to "Level Up with LasGoo".

We are LasGoo™ and we believe in what we build. Welcome to join us!