Are Laser Levels Safe for Cats?

You might have come across videos on TikTok or elsewhere showing how entertaining it can be to make a cat's paws glow with a laser beam. It's an attention-grabber, no doubt. However, you may have wondered whether lasers could potentially harm your cat's eyes.

cat's paws glow with a laser beam

In this blog, we delve into the world of lasers and cats, exploring the potential risks and safety tips for laser play.

Understanding Cat Vision

Before getting into laser play, it's important to grasp a bit about how cats perceive the world. Cats see colors differently from humans, mainly detecting green, blue, and gray tones. Interestingly, our laser level features a green beam, making it highly visible to the cat's eyes.

Why do cats like lasers?

The rapid, unpredictable movements of a laser dot mimic the kind of small prey animals a cat might naturally chase. According to Psychology Today, "Cats chase the dot of light because it changes direction and speed. Cats perceive the moving dot as something they should stalk and pounce on." In essence, it taps into their natural hunting instincts, making it highly engaging.

Safety Concerns: Can Lasers Harm Cat Eyes?

Firstly, it's vital to stress that you can enjoy laser play with your feline friend without causing harm if you follow some basic precautions. Laser toys designed for pets typically use lasers in the 1 to 5 milliwatt range, which is safe for both humans and cats. Low-powered lights have less chance of causing retina damage or other vision problems. However, there are considerations:

  • Cats have a unique layer in their eyes called the tapetum lucidum, which enhances night vision but may make their eyes more sensitive to bright light. You may have noticed the eerie glow in your cat's eyes in the dark, and once again, it's thanks to the tapetum. This special layer in a cat's eye allows them to gather more light, aiding in their nighttime navigation. Interestingly, cats are incredibly sensitive to bright light, about six times more sensitive than humans to be precise. This means that while the laser itself is generally safe, you should avoid shining it directly into their eyes.
  • It’s also a good idea to limit the amount of time your cat spends playing with the laser toy to reduce the risk of eye damage over time.


Are Laser Levels Safe for Cats?

3D laser levels available on the market adhere to safety regulations, and so do our 3D laser levels. These devices fall under Class II laser products, emitting less than 1 milliwatt of power which is safe for both humans and animals. When cats' eyes are briefly exposed to lower-powered laser light, the likelihood of risks such as retinal damage or vision problems is reduced. Therefore, after creating a playful wall layout for your cat, you can occasionally use this laser tool to create a special experience for your feline friend. However, you still need to follow the safety tips mentioned below for use.


How to Create Glowing Paws for Your Cat? 

Before engaging in daily games of mouse-chasing or feather-catching with your cat, try this: activate a 3D laser level and position it with the beam window toward the ground, creating a 360-degree green laser light around your cat. This will significantly reduce the risk of the laser harming your cat's eyes.


This will give your feline friend an enchanting, glowing appearance. Plus, watching cats wiggle their butt and walk toward you makes for some pretty cute social media videos.

To prevent your cat's eyes from accidentally encountering the laser when it lowers its head, avoid placing your cat's reward food close to the ground.

Don't worry, Low-wattage lasers will not be a risk if the light flashes across her eyes for a split second.

make a cat's paws glow with a laser beam-lasgootools

Safety tips for laser games

If you use a laser pointer safely and appropriately, then you can minimize the risks and make sure your cat reaps the benefits of this fun toy.

To help you use your cat’s favorite laser toy in the safest ways possible, we’ve put together a few tips to ensure safe laser play with your cat:

  1. Avoid Eye Contact: Always keep the laser beam away from your cat's eyes. Instead, aim it at the floor or walls.
  2. Interactive Play: Use laser play as part of interactive play sessions rather than the sole activity. This can help prevent overstimulation.
  3. Set Limits: Don't let laser play go on indefinitely. Set a time limit for play to avoid overexcitement.
  4. Distraction: After laser play, offer your cat a physical toy or treat to "catch" as a reward, satisfying their natural hunting instincts.
  5. Monitor Behavior: Pay attention to your cat's behavior and discontinue laser play if you notice signs of stress or frustration.


Play Fun, Play Safe with LasGoo Laser Level!



In conclusion, when used responsibly, lasers can be a fun and engaging activity for your cat. However, it's crucial to be mindful of their safety and comfort. Avoid direct eye exposure, set playtime limits, and pay attention to their activities. With these precautions in place, you can enjoy hours of playful bonding with your feline companion without worry.

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